Model View Controller (MVC)


  • MVC architecture is an architectural design pattern to develop a dynamic web application in a standard manner.
  • MVC pattern makes easy to develop JEE application.
  • In this architecture there is a client ,a server and a database.
  • It consists of 3 basic components such as model component,view component and controller component.
  • Here the servlet and its equal component (filter) is consider as controller component.
  • A set of jsp pages are considered as view component.
  • A set of technologies like Javabean,Jdbc,Hibernate,EJB are considered as model component.

The MVC architecture maintains a standard flow of executions.


  • The Request will come from client to the controller component ,which is mandatory.
  • When the request will reach at the controller component ,then the controller component is responsible to choose a particular technology as a model component.
  • Here basically consider Javabean as model.
  • Javabean is nothing but a simple java class containing getter() ,setter() and also contain our business logic.
  • Then the controller component creates the object of model class and execute the business logic whatever the business logic defined in the model.
  • Then the controller component choose a particular JSP page as view component which provides the response to the respective client.
  • Here the view component call interact with model component and vice-versa.


Rules and Regulations

  1. Servlet and its equal components(filter) must be the controller component set of JSP pages must be the view component set of technology(javabean,jdbc,hibernate,EJB)must be the model component .
  2. The request coming from client must reach at the controller component.
  3. The controller component must execute the business logic.
  4. Model component can interact with database.The controller and view component can not interact with database.If they want to interact with database then they can interact via media component.
  5. JSP page must be developed in such a way that it should maintain page2 controller collaboration.
  6. The view component must provide the response to client.
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